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The future is happening now
Digital Media is part of the computer revolution that we experience daily. It includes the production of software and programmes for computers, websites, CD Rom's, DVD's, digital television and global telecoms. Magazines, books and all forms of advertising use digital media in some stage of their production.

What's involved?
What's it like working in this area?
And what jobs are there?
The industry is still changing and new jobs are being created all the time. You could work as a programmer, an animator, graphic artist/illustrator, an operator, designer, project manager, multimedia developer, interactive artist or a produce (the UK computer games industry is now bigger that the British film industry in terms of ecomomic importance). Other opportunities include writing for the web, online marketing or as a legal or financial adviser. There is the potential to earn high salaries but not before you have proved your broad mix of skills and staying power.

What should I study?

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