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This life in sound and pictures
Ninety-nine per cent of the UK population watch television, most of us have video recorders and, increasingly, DVD players. We go to the cinema, we listen to the radio, we talk about programmes and films, we live with the cult of the celebrityĚIt•s not surprising then that so many of us want to work in film, video, television and radio.

What areas of work are there?

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Useful organisations
Useful books
Q&A: Radio, Television & Film, Trotman 2000
Getting into Films & Television, Robert Angell, Trotman 2002
Working in Television, Susan Walls, Trotman 2002
C4 Careers: Film, Radio, TV, Publisher Trotman 2003
Getting Started in Radio, John Florance, Studymates Ltd 2002
Career Handbook for TV, Radio, Film, Video, Interactive Media, Shiona Llewellyn, A&C Black Ltd 2002
Broadcasting & the Media, Paul Redstone & Karen Holmes, Spiro Press 2000
Usefl magazines
Websites showing Film, video, TV, radio

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